XM Radios play content in a car or home through satellite radio signals. . these radio receivers are manufactured by different companies, and they have nuances in operation. For this, you often need to reset the XM radio as usually a new XM radio may have problems sometimes.


Here is how you refresh or reset a XM radio signal:


  1. Read the documentation of your XM radio, which should have a manual and an 8-digit user ID within it.


  1. Refresh the radio via the XM radio website. Tune it to the XM preview channel. Now, input your user ID at the activation-reset site. Wait a few minutes for the XM service to reset your request.


  1. You can also manually reset the radio without visiting the webpage. First, you will select the “Menu” option, and then select the “Restore Factory Defaults.” This will return the radio to its state it was in when it was purchased.


  1. Now test the XM radio reception. Tune it to the preview channel and see is the radio is receiving the requested satellite feed. If yes, you have successfully refreshed your radio. If not, then you will have to contact the manufacturer.