Kitchen gardens serve the healthiest and most organic vegetables and fruits for your home. Tomatoes are commonly planted in backyards and pots, as they are one of the most used fruit. But did you know tomatoes thrive when grown in buckets? It’s true! When you sow the tomato plant seeds in a 5-gallon buckets, you not only can grow have a dozen plants in it, but you can beautifully decorate them around your garage or front porch. Tomato plants should be placed in the heat as they richly grow in warm soil; so choose black buckets that are placed outside. Water them frequently to keep them healthy.

Here is the right way to grow tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets:


Things you will need

  • Tomato seedlings
  • Potting soil
  • Water-soluble fertilizer
  • 5-gallon pot
  • Water
  • Perlite or sand
  • Drill



  1. Take an empty 5-gallon bucket and drill4-inch holes for drainage spaced evenly at its bottom.


  1. Fill the bucket then with equal parts of perlite (or sand) and potting soil, that reaches up to 3-quarters of the bucket.


  1. Sow the seed of the tomato plant in the soil. Sow it in the center of the pot. Firm it down the soil with the hands, being careful no to damage the seedling and securing it properly.


  1. Water the soil thoroughly. The bucket should be full enough to spill from the side of the bucket.


  1. Add water-soluble fertilizer in the moistened soil and repeat application of it after every 10 days.


  1. Place the bucket in a spot that receive full and maximum sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.


  1. You can add tomato cages over the pot of you are growing indeterminate tomatoes.


  1. Water the plant every time the soil dries. Dryness will lead to a prevention of the absorption of calcium from the soil, leading to plant damage.