Going on ghost hunts is a fun activity with friends, especially for those who are interested in the scary world. In this hunt, you don’t actually see or capture a ghost! Instead, you look for signs of a ghost’s presence and paranormal activities.

Here is a guide on how you can go on a ghost hunt with friends and have a thrilling time!


  1. Find out a location that has been stranded for years and has ghost stories linked to it. The area could have reports of murder or spiritual lurking.


  1. Once you choose the location, do some research on the area. This will help in knowing what equipment you may need or if a permission is needed to enter the vicinity. Also read into information regarding spirits and ghosts.


  1. Get the permission to visit the location by the landowner or state. Trespassing is illegal when it comes to private or state-held properties. Properties that have been cordoned off may be unsafe structurally and cause lethal hazards.


  1. Since it will be night and scary, take a group of friends with you who are interested in going. Scout around the area to find abnormal activities.


  1. To record paranormal activity, you will need the right equipment to document it. Keep a camera and tape recorder with you and ensure your batteries are charges. You will need torches and an external microphone to record the spooky sounds. Ghost hunters also carry EMF metres, which detect weak static caused by spiritual lurking. Other equipment to pack will include: first aid kit, rope, mobile phones, water, food supplies, notebook, pen, watch, clothing and footwear.