A business proposal is a layout drawn by companies to grab the attention of potential buyers into purchasing a certain product or service they are offering. To make your business proposal top-notch and be able to make it through the front door, you need the proper writing set-up and technique for it.


Here is a guideline on writing a successful and promising business proposal:

  1. Your business proposal should carry five sections in it. These will be: the cover letter, a title page, a table of contents, procedures, and the executive summary. Your cover letter will contain an overview of your proposal, i.e. what your product has to offer its user. The letter will also have an introduction of your company. On the title page, you will write your name, and the name of your company in addition to the name of the person (or company) you are addressing this proposal to. The date will be mentioned here as well. The procedure will include all technical difficulties details about your product and will be the longest part in the proposal due to its explanations. The summary is a short and concise section of the proposal, which carries the main argument of why your product should be purchased.


  • A successful proposal will persuade the client into buying the product. This means it should depict an understanding of the buyer’s needs. For this, you have to put a good amount of thought and effort in this proposal. You will need all the correct information related to your product, an analysis of the buyer’s demands, and any other additional information needed. You can first speak to the client to see what his requirements from a product are and then set the proposal. The more you understand their needs, the better options you will propose in your letter.


  • The proposal should carry a professional tone, and should be clear. The use of simple and short paragraphs with headnotes should be used. Explain your stance in few words. You will need verifiable facts for this to make your letter strong and persuasive.


  • The business proposal has no specific format as such, but should carry these guidelines strictly. This will give out your best impression. Use charts, and images with color to help explain points. The reader will be able to visualize your points then. Your business proposal should be bind in a three-ringed file.


  • Review the business proposal a few times before handing them out. A minimum of 2 reviews is vital so that excessive or repetitive paragraphs may be removed. Keep the reviewers separate for the writers. Evaluate and re-evaluate the proposal before it is passed out.