This article will guide you on how to format and write an employee termination announcement email.


As a business manager, it is very difficult to terminate any employee, and then informing the employee termination announcement along with the other employees in the work space on that employee’s departure. This announcement is important so that no gossip is generated around the work space, and your rules of professionalism are applied when you send out an email informing everyone about the employee termination from the office. This email is called a termination announcement email that is sent out to the entire staff. A person with high authority in the company will write and send this email out to the staff members announcing the employee’s termination.


Format of this email

Wording of this email is vital as it should professionally and clearly explain to the other employees about the dismissal of this employee, and the email should be brief and to the point as well. Do not share any unnecessary details on why you are terminating the employee, and notify what changes will come around with that person’s absence. The email must be formal in tone and it should also give the reason and the date of termination of the employee. Remember to address and send out the email to the entire staff in the department or company and no one should be left out. Encourage the employees in the end to work their best in the transition, and wish the terminated employee all the best as they depart from the office. Invite and queries and questions from the staff as you end the email.


The HR department mainly sends out this email to the employees. Here is a sample email of an employee termination announcement:Employee Termination Announcement



Subject: Employee termination announcement


Dear fellow employees,

This email is to inform about Mr. Henry Affleck’s departure from our company. He has been the Sales Executive for the past year, and has been performing his tasks well. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, he has not been able to devote more time to the office and we mutually have decided to end his contract with our organization. It is best for him and the organization to part ways now.


Mr. Affleck’s team will now be working under Mr. Ben Cavill’s supervision. I request the staff to see the enclosed rules and regulations of the company sent with this email as an attachment. Metro Guides Limited is a disciplined and professional organization where rules and devotion to the company is held of great priority and highest value. We expect these rules and regulations to be respected and followed under all situations and circumstances. Lets act as a team in the company to work towards the goals of the organization so that we can achieve our goals individually and mutually for the benefit of the company. Any questions should be asked from me regarding changes in reports.


We wish Mr. Affleck the best of everything in his future endeavors.


Thank you all.



Jason Adam


Metro Guides Ltd.


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