You can easily build a brick wall with the right tools and set of instructions. Follow this guide and make a perfect wall that will look great and save yourself some money!


Step 1:

Lay down a solid foundation for your bricks by placing a line of bricks according to the length of the wall you will make. Find out the height of the wall then and place a straight piece of wood next to the wall at both ends. You will have to put a spacer behind it so that you can feed a string line behind it and then clamp it to the wall. Mark the height of each line of bricks on the stick so you know you are making a straight line. The stick basically acts as a gauge rod.


Step 2:

Now, feed the string line behind straight wood, and set it at the level your first course of bricks will be laid. Pull the strings straight (horizontally) to the other end of the wall and clamp it to the other wood piece. Keep the strings tight and straight. This step helps in making sure the bricks are laid leveled.


Step 3:

Lay a bed of mortar on the layer of bricks that have been placed. Carefully place the string line under the first brick of the course line you are to set. This helps in setting the brick in a straight line. Use a spirit level to make sure the line is flat.


Step 4:

If you need to cut a brick small for the sides, use the back end of your hammer claw. Mark the size of brick you need, and then holding the brick in your hand, gently tap it with the end side. A crack will appear at the spot you hit, now hit slightly harder to cut through.


Step 5:

You will now move the string line up to the next course of bricks level that will be laid. Lay a bed of mortar on the previous line of bricks. Begin adding a new line of bricks on top of it, place the string under the first brick and use a sprit to check if it is flat.


Step 6:

Repeat the same step until your wall has reached the height you desire.