When it comes to creating different things at home, you need a good stapler. Knowing which stapler to get depends on a good and renowned brand in the world of stapler manufacturers. One very famous and highly acclaimed company for stapler and building tools is Surebonder. Surebonder is a highly-acclaimed manufacturer of top-quality adhesive and fastening products. It provides glue guns, staplers, and rivet tools, with glue sticks, rivets and staples. All products of Surebonder ensure excellent performance, making it highly dependable for all craftsmen.


Cordless StaplerThe Surebonder 5910 is a genius innovation in the world of staples, pin nails, and brad nails. The handy tool is excellent for DIY projects as it features a rechargeable cordless design. It is fast and versatile. Furthermore, it can tackle with the lightest construction projects like upholstery work, and serious craftsmanship work, like creating wooden cabinets, drawers, or wardrobes. The stapler also has a very unique and handy design. The ergonomic design of the rubber handle of this stapler makes it comfortable to hold and use for even the amateurs of constructors.


The stapler can take on heavy-duty and tough jobs as well, such as tacking up insulation materials, or even upholstering leather items. Such crafting requires strong tools that provide accuracy and precision. This stapler will offer you precision in the work you use it for and it will be safe to use on delicate materials as well. Its versatility to perform on wooden and hard surfaces makes it an essential piece of equipment to have at home. It can drive brad nails or pin nails in any surface.


The 5910 carries a rechargeable battery, which allows the user to work on their projects without the stress of any tangling of an extension cord. But this won’t sacrifice the fast and consistent performance of this stapler, as it  can set 30 staples in a minute! Its adjustable drive power works up to 4.8 volts making it very handy in building household items or simply repairing anything at home. Per charge, you can drive nearly 500 staples, making it stress-free to use for large projects. Although the stapler can hold 100 staples or nails at a time, it is very easy to reload it with the drop-in loading feature it offers its users. It uses 3/8-inch staples, or 18-gauge brad nails that can be 9/16-inch long. With this flexibility, you can choose the right type of fastener for the job at hand.


The 5910 Cordless Stapler comes in a handy carrying box, which includes the main stapler, along with a battery and charger. It is an ideal piece of equipment to keep at home for repairing the simplest to toughest building jobs. You will be exceptionally pleased with its performance and your lack of skills in anything won’t matter with this very easy-to-use stapler. So why call a carpenter when you can do small to big jobs at home with repairing and recreating? Save yourself a lot of money and time by getting this very handy and inexpensive gear now! Don’t hold back. Go now and buy this handy tool now!



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