When a landlord makes a mistake and files an Unlawful Detainer for eviction from their home in California, you may need to file a motion to stay. Here is how you will to protect you from being evicted:


  1. Visit the court that is assigned to your particular eviction within the first week of receiving your Unlawful Detainer. The address of the court will be under the Unlawful Detainer.


  1. Complete the form, which is called “Answer – Unlawful Detainer (UD-105).” If the eviction notice is made by a mistake, you will have a strong cause to file a Demurrer or Motion to Quash Service.


  1. Prepare all your answers for the court correctly and truthfully. Provide all proofs and strong documents that help your argument and protects you against the landlord’s complaint.


  1. Consult a good lawyer for legal aid and advice. There are also legal aids in courts that help in filling forms.


  1. Prepare for the court costs. Every case has a different cost, and with a jury, the prices will be different.