If fiberglass particles have accidentally penetrated in your skin and you can’t rush to the emergency immediately, then you don’t have to worry . You can remove fiberglass from your skin by following a few simple remedies.


  • As soon as the fiberglass enters your skin, step into cold water immediately. This will close the pores and stop the fiberglass from further penetrating inside your skin. After 2 minutes, step into warm water for opening the pores so that you can easily take out the fiberglass.


  • In case the first remedy doesn’t work, you can try out another one. Simply soak some Epsom salts into a very small amount of boiling water. Mix them well. Pour that mixture into a warm bath. Soak the affected area in that water for 30 minutes. This will open up your pores and will draw the fiberglass out. Make sure to thoroughly rinse that area with cold water later.


  • You can also expose the affected area to steam to open up your pores. Now take a nylon stocking and gently move it on the affected area for picking up the fiberglass.


In case none of the above mentioned remedies work, you should definitely visit the area and get the fiberglass removed professionally.