A blood blister in the mouth forms after a breakage of a blood vessel in the lining of the mouth. They are painful and they create difficulty in chewing and drinking foods.


There are different ways to tackle with blood blisters in the mouth. Firstly, if the blisters have formed due to ulcers, infections, or herpes, consult your doctor to be prescribed for antiviral medications. You may be given painkillers if there is pain.


You can take an aspirin as well to deal with a blister. Simply place the aspirin in the mouth and gargle your mouth with water. In the same way, you can use medicated mouthwashes, toothpastes, and ulcer gels for blister treatments.


When dealing with blood blisters at home, remember to avoid foods that may irritate or aggravate the pain of a blister. These include spicy foods or acidic-based foods that harm the lining of the mouth.


Some home remedies for blisters treatments are:


  • Chew on basil leaves twice a day.


  • Drink tomato juice.tom


  • Eat banana mixed in curd.



  • Use a peppermint oil or garlic oil on the blisters.


  • Chew on a garlic pod.


  • Gargle with hot water.garlic-cloves-do-you-kn-008


  • Gargle with a mix of honey and coconut water.



  • Apply a mixture of turmeric and glycerin on the blister every night.


  • Chew on cardamom grains.


  • Apply aloe-vera on the blister.966130-aloe-vera


  • Use your finger to brush teeth instead of a toothbrush.