Bed bugs infest every home and they thrive one human blood. If you feel itchy in bed at night, they have infested your bed. They are barely visible and reproduce quickly. This makes their elimination complex, but yet, it is not impossible. If you want to take up the challenge on removing them from your house, here are some simple tips to help you.


  • Stay clean & organized. Bed bugs love clutter and messy areas. Keep your room and home clean by removing any unnecessary items you have gathered. Bed bugs hide behind cluttered areas and places where you cant vacuum or clean.


  • Vacuum your home thoroughly. By vacuuming the house properly, bed bugs will easily be eradicated. Use a vacuum on your furniture, floor, your bed mattress, curtains, carpets, and even the bed frames.


  • Wash all the fabrics. Bed bugs despise heat. So when you wash all your clothing items and linens in hot water, they wont survive. You can dry the clothes on warm temperatures or in sunlight then to fully kill them.


  • Spray tea tree oil or lavender oil. Spraying oils keeps bed bugs at bay as they run from the smells they omit. The most effective oil is lavender oil. Simply, add a few drops of the oil on your linen at night. The bugs will run away and you will get a good night’s sleep with the aromatic smell! Tea tree oil used thoroughly around the home makes these bugs disappear as well. Mix a solution of tea tree oil and lukewarm water and spray in infested areas.


  • Use a light insecticide. Spray a light mist of insecticide at corners and hidden areas of your home every weekly to remove bed bugs. Spray it in the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, under the mattress, and inside all cracks.


After these home remedies, you will definitely have a good-night and you won’t be letting the bed bugs bite!