Drug dealers earn a lot if they successfully sell their lot. Such a business is serious and requires a lot of skill, as it is a risky one as it is illegal. To be a successful drug dealer and get away with it is a difficult task. This is why dealing in legal drugs is a better option, and one that can generate a lot of revenue as well. With a few simple steps and dedication, you can make a successful legal drug business.

Follow the steps below to see how you can:


  • Firstly, you will need a stash of money to buy the drugs. An investment is needed for every business. If you are selling the legal drugs from a small shop or on the streets, you have to figure out your capital.


  • Find a good quality stash for your business so that you have the best in the market for your customers. Research the market around you and other places to collect your drug stash from.


  • Set up a storage unit for your drugs that should be away from the eyes of the civilians. Most drugs may be illegal and get you in trouble. Even if these drugs are legal, ensure all the drugs are stores properly with a security system.


  • Keep a name for your company. Pick a name that is different and stands out.


  • Draw out a good clientele for your business. Have constant communication with them through the phones and check their needs.


  • To sell legalized drugs, you need a permit from the law or a certification for the business. Get an insurance if you are making a pharmaceutical company.


  • Hire a trust worthy (unknown) person to do the selling part for you; if you don’t want to have direct interaction with your clients and don’t want them to know you on personal basis. Do make sure the clients have your contact number to place orders and then you can dispatch the worker on the given location for selling purpose.


  • Make sure you keep it low key, so that you don’t get caught by the local authorities.