Here is a guide on how to laser bore sight a rifle scope:


  1. Buy a laser bore sight rifle.


  1. Buy a supply of batteries or a DC power supply as the laser will last in a few minutes.


  1. Place yourself with the gone at a distance of 10 meters from the target. Tape your target to a wall.


  1. Unscrew the scope caps of the rifle. Get the scoop to focus with the help of the focus adjustment mechanism.


  1. Now, insert the bore sight and then turn it on. Aim the gun to the target on the wall. Look right through the scope now at the laser dot. Through the scope alignment knobs, move the cross hairs now, till they are pointing to the same distance right above the laser dot.


  1. Rotate the bore sight to 180 degrees so that the dot shifts a bit. Again, adjust the scope and move the cross hairs.


  1. Shoot at the dot.