Sculptures and statues have been a part of art since ancient times. Famous artists and masons used concrete and resin to prepare the statues. They were used in churches, castles, and fortresses, but in recent times, people are using them in their homes and gardens for décor. To maintain their beauty, and remove and old paint on these artifacts, here are some nifty tips and tricks:


  1. Take a course brush and scrub the surface of the statue so that any loose pieces of paint fall off.


  1. Use a dry cloth now to rub over the concrete statue so that any further free piece of paint are thoroughly removed.


  1. Now, use a soy-based paint remover on the statue. Apply it liberally with the help of a brush on top of the areas that have the paint stuck on them. Soy paint removers do not damage the concrete, but they may take time in removing the paint.


  1. After a few hours, use a rag cloth to wipe off the soy paint remover from the statue.


  1. Wash the statue now with water.


Your concrete statue will be paint-free and clean as new.