Turning 50 this year may make you feel very old, but that doesn’t mean you give up on fashion and style altogether! At this age, you body may have not stayed in the same shape, but there are plenty of styles that will flatter your body shape and size. You must look your best at whatever your age!


Here is a quick guide on how to buy clothing if you are hitting the 50’s now and how you can still look the amazing self you are:


  1. Get rid of all the old and outdated clothes hanging in your closet. Anything that dates back to 10 years (or more) must be thrown out. You can keep the sleep skirts, blouses, and well-fit jeans, but the rest must go.


  1. Take your full body statistics to get the right size clothes now. This will help you find the perfect fit clothing items as your body has matured now and it wont stay the same measurements.


  1. Think of which fashion trends and styles are practical for your lifestyle and match your personality. Always get what matches your taste and budget, and look for styles that flatter your body.


  1. There are numerous stores that offer a women’s 50 plus clothing line. Run through those and try them to see which compliments your physique and looks.


  1. Opt for colors that make your look bright, not dull. You can wear all colors at this age but just try not to go overboard on it.


  1. Look for comfortable shoes that may have heels enough to let you walk around in. If a shoe is causing discomfort in a few hours, keep away from them.