Disney gives its guests two types of tickets to choose from: single-day tickets, and multi-day tickets. With all the fun stored in this Park, one tends to forget how many days remain on the park ticket, which can be reused for later trips. To check if the tickets are still valid when making a trip to Disney, here is what to do:


  1. Check what type of tickets you have as the expiration varies for different tickets. The Park Hopper and the Magic Your Way have a two-week validity. There are non-expiration tickets as well. Usually, the date of expiration will be printed on the back. Visit a Disney Park to ask about your ticket type and date of expiry at the ticket center.

  1. You can visit a Disney park and inquire at the concierge desk at the hotel about your ticket. Disney hotels help their guests with all information regarding their magical park. They can inform you about the remaining days of your ticket use.

  1. You can also contact the Walt Disney World Ticketing. The contact number for this is 407-566-4985, and email is ticket.inquiries@disneyworld.com. Ask them about the number of days left on your Disney ticket.