Opening a fish market is a profitable and lucrative business. These markets carry a diverse variety of fish for seafood lovers – from salmon, shellfish, finfish, crabs, lobsters, etc. the fish is stored in gel packs and coolers, and are brought in by local fishermen and fish shops.


In order for you to open a seafood market, you will have to begin by searching for a good public accountant who has had experience in the seafood industry and business. You will also need to get in touch with a commercial insurance agent. Get a business license then from the city council. And also, you will need to contact the Department of Revenue to get a sales tax license.


After this, search for a good location for the market to be set up at. The best site for seafood markets is near waterfronts. Fishermen can easily reach you at such locations. Do ensure the area has a good access to the main road, and has a good parking space. You will have to contact the local zoning office then to discuss the site being used for your business.


You will need seafood cold cases after this then. These cases store the fish to maintain and preserve the different types of fish. You will then search for seafood suppliers to deliver or purchase foods from. You can even contact the local fisherman to place their fresh catches at your market.


Finally, you need to get a health department approval. Keeping your market clean and sanitized is vital, and once your storage and preparation areas are cleaned, contact the local health department for a detailed pre-opening inspection.

The cost of this project totally depends upon the amount you want to invest. You can even start up with the smallest of stalls with a bare minimum investment or maybe as big of a super store as you wish.