A long neck gives the appearance of being slim. And with a few added necklaces and the newly raging chokers, you can look even stylish with an elongated neck. But there are many of us who aren’t blessed with a long neck, but the good news is, a neck can look taller and thinner with the correct clothing and accessories. Even a good haircut can give the illusion of a long neck.

Here are some simple ways to make the neck look longer and thinner:


  • Wear longer and deeper necklines that fall below the chest to make the neck look long. Turtlenecks, scarves and collars make the neck look short.


  • Avoid wearing chokers or short necklaces, as a neck will look smaller with it.


  • V-necks make the neck look elongated. If you wear a button down shirt, unbutton a few top buttons.


  • Wear coats that have buttons to the chest rather than ones with higher buttons. This will make you appear slim with a thin neck.


  • Go for haircuts that are short or layered with a length that sits above the shoulders.


  • Wearing a shirt with ruffles or tires enhances the length of the neck.


  • Opt for outfits in monochromatic colors to create a long neck length.


  • Long and thin earrings that dangle elongate a short neck along with long necklaces.