Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fiber, so as to form the movement, look and feel of actual hair. They are a fun fashion statement, and many people use these wigs for the purpose of gaining a hairstyle they cannot achieve to create on their hair. To refresh the wig every few months, a trim may be needed on these synthetic wigs. But do keep in mind, that once a wig is cut, the hairs won’t re-grow, meaning every snip will count! You should also know that tools and styling products, such as scissors, sprays, and brushes, are specifically designed for synthetic hair so that the most natural-looking results can be achieved. Although most wigs come pre-styled, you may need to snip some of it to suit your face. Some wigs with short hair can make the head look like a mushroom without the a proper cut! This guide will teach you how to trim your synthetic wig correctly.


Synthetic Wigs



Your first step will be choosing the right wig. You should opt for a wig that has straight and long hair, so that it looks and feels like natural hair. Also, straight hair wigs are much more easier to cut than curly wigs. You can add the waves or curls later to this synthetic wig. Once you have bought the right synthetic wig, you will perform the steps below to trim it:


  1. Brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush. Using a normal hair brush for human hair will damage the wig hair and make it frizzy.


  1. Place the wig on a head to trim it. You can wear it yourself and trim it too!Wrap a towel around your neck so that the shoulders and clothing you have on does not catch any fallen hair. Spritz some water over the wig’s hair tips and smoothen any knots in the wig. You can also apply wig detangler or refresher to get rid of the knots in the wig hair. Part the wig hair in the way it will be worn by you. Make sections and use hair clips to aid you if you are giving a complete cut.


  1. With thinning shears, cut the excess bulk off from the wig. This will make the hair lay flat. Then put the thinning shears up against the base of the wig right before cutting them so that a stubble is not left.Angle the scissors upwards so that it makes a 30 degree angle. You will be cutting into the wig, and not straight across as you do on normal hair. This will allow you to remove the volume at the ends of the hair and make the synthetic wig look natural.

  1. Trim the bangs by pulling them straight down as you do for real hair. Make sure you cut them a bit longer than you want so that any mistake made can be corrected later.


  1. Cut the rest of the hair according to your desire like you would real hair. Trim a small amount at a time.


  1. Ensure the trim or haircut is even by placing it on your head.


Now you can go out and flaunt that newly cut wig! Keep your head up and show your confidence as you walk around the streets.


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