With the help of the “mute” option on iPhones, you can easily make your phone silenced to avoid it from ringing or even to prevent anyone from hearing any sound from your end of a call. This feature is very useful when you are at work or in a crowded place.


There are 2 ways to mute your iPhone:


  1. You can mute it by using the switch on the side of the phone. This button is very useful if you are in a hurry and want your ringer off. This button is on the side of an iPhone, right above the volume buttons of the phone set. You just have to push it up or down to turn off the mute button.



  1. The second way is selecting the mute icon on the phones in-call menu. When you make a call or when there is an incoming call, an on-screen display will appear with in-call options. A “mute” icon will appear with an image of a microphone and a diagonal line on it. Select this and the image will appear to be filled. This will mute the phone call.