Your hands and feet are those parts of the body that are put to use the most. For this reason, they are susceptible to wear and tear, and are stripped off of moisture quickly. For this problem, Mary Kay Satin Hands was designed, which provides a deep hydration for the skin on the hands and feet and exfoliates them to make them soft and smooth. The famous product promises to soften, cleanse, and moisturize the hands and feet, leaving them with enriched nutrients. The product come in a non-scented version, and a peach-scented set.

The Mary Kay Stain Hands Treatment includes three main components: The Hand Softener, Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub, and Hand Cream. The three items may be bought individually, or as a set. The correct way to use this treatment set over dried out hands is as follows:


  • Apply a small amount of the Satin Hands Hand Softener to the hands (or feet), and gently massage of it. It is best to wet the hands before applying this product. The patrolatum in this locks moisture and smoothens the skin.


  • Next, apply a small amount of the Satin Smoothie scrub and gently rub over the hands (or feet), to remove dead skin cells gathered over it. The scrub contains polyethylene beads and an exfoliant jojoba oil. Rinse off the scrub fully after properly exfoliation.


  • In the end, apply the Hand Cream liberally over the hands (or feet). This cream is petrolatum-based, making it lightweight, and quick in absorbing moisture. The glycerin seals the moisture, and vitamin E protects the hands (or feet) from any environmental damage.