Every child and grown-up can find a means of bonding and enjoyment together with kite flying. But making that kite together can be even more fun! And then using it outdoors will make your young ones smile all day long. Here is a simple layout on making a paper kite with straws, paper, string, and some tape. Not only is it very easy to make, but also, it is easy to fly, making it ideal for kids. You will make long lasting memories with your children and have an enjoyable outdoor activity. You can make this kite for kids of all ages and use it throughout the windy days of the year!


Learn how to make a paper kite with straws following these simple instructions below:


Things you will needHow to Make a Paper Kite

  • 6 sturdy straws
  • Piece of paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Crepe paper
  • String
  • Ribbon in different colors (optional)
  • Glitter paint (optional)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil




  1. Create the frame of the kite. This will be done by punching a hole in the middle of one of the straws first. Slide another straw through this hole you have made (use scissors to make the hole bigger if the hole is small for the straw to pass through). This will form a cross with the two straws. Insert these straws then in the top of the vertical piece and push one inside the other to make it 10 inches from the middle of the cross. Then insert the straw in the bottom of the vertical piece to make it measure 15 inches from the center. You will next insert the straws in the left and the right horizontal straws to make the sides 8 inches from the center. Punch holes at the sides of the straw and starting from the top, thread the string evenly through the holes very tautly.




  1. Now, you can create the body of the kite. Lay the kite paper on the crepe paper, while keeping the decorative side down. Now set the frame on top of the crepe paper. With the ruler and the pencil, draw a seam around the frame, keeping its distance at 1 inch. Cut this shape out and tape it to the frame.



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  1. To create the tail, punch holes in the straw ends that are 2 inches in, and thread the string through it from the top and the bottom holes. Tie the ends and lift the vertical string. Thread 16 inches of string through it from the left to the right holes. Repeat the same on the horizontal string. You can tie some ribbons at the end of the kite to makes its tail.




Your kite is fully ready now. Add decorations to the kite with some glitter and paint to fancy up your kite and make it stand out when you set it out to fly high! Take it outdoors during a windy day and make cherished memories with your children. You can create a paper kite each for all your family members and enjoy all together and have fun altogether!




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