Painting the tiles of your bathroom can save you a lot of money if you plan a transformation there. Tile paints are specially designed to paint over ceramic tiles, glass, and even porcelain. It doesn’t flake off and comes on totally smooth. This is however, if you prepare the surface the correct way and use the best type of paint.


Here’s how to paint the wall tiles in your bathroom:


  • The key to success in painting is preparation. The first thing you have to do is clean the tile properly and remove any traces of dirt or soap scup. Use a bathroom cleaner. Wipe the surface clean then with a sponge and let the wall tiles dry.


  • Very lightly, sand the tiles with fine synthetic grit sandpaper, so that you can take off the gloss from the surface. Wipe the surface again with a damp cloth so that all dust is removed.


  • Begin applying your paint. You can either use latex paint, or epoxy paint. Both require two coats of application and have different timings in drying.


  • Once you’re done painting you can use a blanko pen or a white ink pen ( easily available at all stationary stores) and start marking the square areas between the tiles to give it a fresh look exactly as shown in the picture below. This will not only look clean but also give your paint a perfect finish. painting-bathroom-tile-paint-bathroom-tile-and-grout


And that’s how easy it is! Your bathroom is a new color and beautiful!