When you decide to change your church, it is best to leave that church with good terms. Most churches require leaving with a farewell letter, and where it isn’t, it should be still given so that you announce your departure formally. Your letter should be courteous and it should clearly express your reasons for leaving them. This is important, as the head of congregation will issue a letter of transfer for you then.


Here is a sample of how a church-leaving letter is written:




Pastor David William

FirstChild Ministry



Tom Banks

156 Sleepy Drive

Small City, USA


Date: August 9, 2015


Dear Pastor,


I write to you with a heavy heart to inform my departure from your congregation. I am moving to San Francisco with my family, as I have been promoted at work, which requires a transfer.


You have helped me grow spiritually during the last 15 years at this church. Through your sermons, I was inspired to become a better man. I have gotten so close to this church and made wonderful friends here. I will miss you all.


September 15th will be my last day at congregation. I would be deeply indebted to you if you recommend a church in my new location. I would also be grateful if you could write a letter confirming my attendance at this church.


Thanking you,



Tom Banks