Legal demand letters are written by attorneys on behalf of their clients to demand a payment or some other form of compensation by another party. They are sent out so as to avoid litigation and to solve a solution between two parties undergoing a problematic situation. It is sent after efforts to talk and mediation have failed between the parties.


Writing a demand letter may not be asked by courts, but it is a good idea to write one  as it will serve as a form of settlement for a dispute. Also, it can be used for future cases and be presented in the courts.  Thus, it serves as a piece of evidence for the courts to see your methods of reaching out the party at fault. The letter can be written yourself and sent via mail.


The demand letter should be done in writing instead of being verbal. It should give the other party time to respond back, as otherwise, they will legally be entitled to respond to your demand. The tone of the letter should be polite, and should lay out all the facts. It must make reasonable and justified demands to the other party, and not ask for anything above their debt. Illegal threats and harsh statements should be omitted. It should give a time frame for your expected payment, and specify the date of your waiting period


Below is a sample of a Legal demand letter:


John Smith

65 Debin Lane

Pittsburgh, PA 48679

(667) 335-2176


Dear Mr. Smith,

On July 7, 2010, our plumbing team worked on your house plumbing maintenance, which cost $5500 in repairs. Although the initial payment of $200 was made by you, you failed to pay the remaining amount on the contracts you signed and agreed to. The final payment of $5300 remains with you, and after many attempts in requesting for it, you have failed to send in the payment. For this reason, I request you send in the full payment by September 1, 2010, or make an arrangement with me to pay the due balance.


I expect to receive a response from you by August 15, 2010. If this matter is not resolved by then, I reserve the right to commence a legal proceeding to recover the debt without any further notices sent to you. This letter will be tendered in court as evidence of your failure to payments.



Henry Duffman

468 Norman Way

Pittsburgh, PA 27652