…Well you have been lucky on a Saturday night and have pulled or you were out with your girlfriend or boyfriend and things got a little out of control, u wake up the next morning and what do u see in front of the mirror whist brushing your teeth or shaving, u see that your biggest fears have come true as there is a hickey on your neck. Now there are a hundred things running in your mind because you might be having a meeting tomorrow or you must be fearing facing your co-workers  or if u have been too naughty and have cheated on your girlfriend or wife and are minutes away from meeting them the the only thing that comes to mind instantly is how to get rid go it within minutes.

Nowadays hickeys are a common occurrence, you either know someone who has had one or you might have experienced one yourself. there are many situations in which you don’t want to reveal your hickey to others as this might be  potentially embarrassing .A ‘hickey’ also known as a love bite occurs when a person aggressively sucks his/her partners skin and causes to break capillaries -small superficial blood vessels- to break which in return causes blood to seep into the surrounding tissues . A hickey usually lasts around 5 to 12 days and changes color as time progresses.

If you fall within those category of people who need to get rid of your hickey as soon as possible as you might have professional or family commitments then there are certain methods which you can apply:


1.Cold compress    

This is a method in which u usually compress something cold against the ‘hickey’ for e.g a ice cubes wrapped in a towel or u can put a spoon in a freezer and press it against the affected area. The cold compress causes the swelling to reduce as it relaxes the capillaries and eases the pain.one should repeat this process over and over again until they see visible results.


2.Hot compress.

One can usually use a hot water bottle and use this method if the hickey has been there for more than 48 hours. when something hot is pressed against the affected area after the blood vessels have healed  causes the blood collected under the tissue to slowly disperse as blood flow will increase to the area that has been influenced by the hickey. Do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THIS METHOD WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE HICKEY.



This method causes the blood to break up and disperse which in return causes your body to easily get rid of the marks caused by the love bite. IF you opt for this method then you should take a stiff bristled toothbrush and apply it in a circular motion,do not apply to much pressure as this can cause the hickey to be more visible.this method needs to be followed by a cold compress.



Oils and lotions that are peppermint based can help increase blood circulation to the affected area,u can substitute any of these with a toothpaste in case you don’t have them.all u need to do is apply a little bit of lotion to the area and after a little while there would be a tingly sensation,wipe the area with a damp towel and repeat the process if necessary.



Rubbing alcohol only works with a few hours of the occurrence, alcohol has disinfectant, soothing properties which causes the hickey to fade away.apply the alcohol on a cotton ball and gently massage the affected area.apply a moisturizer afterwards as alcohol can have a dehydrating effect.

6.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer known for it anti-inflammatory and soothing characteristics. it speeds up the recovery process by healing the broken capillaries. Rub aloe Vera on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.if you do not have a aloe vera plant then you can alternatively go for an aloe Vera cream or gel.


7. Vitamin E and K :

Use any vitamin e and or vitamin k based creams as this is also known to help the recovery process by preventing coagulation. apply the cream twice or thrice a day until the hickey fades away.