Cigarette smoke odor is uncanny for many people. And if you have to be around someone who smokes like a chimney, and your clothes reek of the smell, getting it off from your clothes may seem daunting. But there are different methods to help removing the odor from your clothes. Here are some quick tips on how you can:


  • Wash the clothes in a washing machine with the hottest water temperature. Add a cup of vinegar to the water (or you can add a cup of baking soda instead of vinegar). Let the clothes soak in the mixture for an hour. Incase your machine is front loader, then soak the clothes in a basin the same way first. After an hour, add detergent to the machine and wash as normal. Air-dry the clothes after the wash.


  • Place the stinky clothes in a large zip-lock bag, and add dryer sheets in it (one sheet per clothing item). Seal the bag and wait. The odor will begin to neutralize. If not, add a tablespoon of baking soda to the bag, and shake the bag well. Place the bag outdoors for a day. Now wash the clothes as you normally do.


  • Another simple method is by hanging out the clothes. Fresh air can carry off the odor. Hang the cloths on your clothesline outside. If it is a sunny and breezy day, it will work best on the clothes. You can spray an odor eliminator on the clothes then if there is still a faint smell.


  • Add borax powder to the wash cycle of these clothes in a washing machine. If you have kids, then try avoiding this method, and adding a capful of mouthwash to the clothes in a washing machine.