A round pen can create the perfect and safe environment for horses to roam around in, without running away, and it is a great are to train the horse in for horse enthusiasts. The pen is circular, and made from wood panels, and it is quite simple to construct yourself in a day’s time.



Here is how you can build a round pen yourself:


  • Figure out how big the pen should be in diameter. This will determine how many panels you will need. A pen should be somewhere between 30-120 feet in diameter. The best size is 50 feet, but you can increase it if you want more riding.


  • Place a first stake in the central part of where the pen will be. Around this, you will construct the pen. Measure out 25 feet from the center out. Repeat on both sides and add stakes on both ends. Now begin measuring each angle like a sectioning pie, and place a stake each time. Each stake should be 10 feet apart.


  • With the help of a hold digger, dig holes for your posts. The holes should be a feet in depth for stability. Place each pole in the hole.


  • Now nail the board to the posts, and start with the top rail. Each panel should be 8-16 feet in length, and 48-72 inches in height. The boards should be nailed from inside the pen so that the horse or the rider does not injure himself or herself from it. Keep the height 5 feet tall at least, but it can vary according to your desire.


  • Now add the second row of the panels. And then the third. The last row should be high enough for a rider to roll out from.


  • Attach the wooden gate in the end. You can also use a metal gate. The gate should be large enough for the horse to enter and leave from. Attach the gate with a latch made of wood.


  • Add the soft footing area, by using sand, wood shavings, or a combination of soils for the inner ground of the pen.