Any hunting blind is a place used by hunters to hide or cover their devices so as to reduce the chance of being detected. There are different types of hunting blinds, like duck blinds or deer blind, etc. A deer blind is not legal in most areas, as it is a camouflaged cabin that fully conceals the hunter and their weapons. It is an effective tool for hunting.

Although deer cabins are readily available at hunting stores, you can make a deer blind yourself. By adding a trailer to it, you can place it wherever you desire for hunting and use it on multiple spots.


  1. Purchase an enclosed cargo trailer and keep in mind that its size will determine the shape of the deer blind you will construct upon it. Wash the trailer and clean the exterior and interior with a pressure washer. Park the trailer on a sloped surface and leave it to dry.


  1. Once dried, park the trailer on a leveled ground, and chalk the tires. With a green spray paint, apply a coat over the exterior of the trailer’s surface. Let the paint dry.


  1. Attach leaves and branches over the trailer with tape, and apply a coat of tan spray paint over the trailer. Once the tan paint dries, remove the leaves and branches.


  1. With a 2×4 lumber, construct a simple bench to place inside the trailer. You should keep the bench 4-feet long and 2-feet high. Cut the lumber with a table saw, and use wood screws to connect the pieces together.


  1. Cut out a viewing window with a saw on each side of the trailer. The window should be 1-feet tall and 4-feet long.