Boxing is an exercise that can educate a man to serve them in all walks of life. The entire strategy of boxing is hitting without being hit, which is a skill that needs a proper learning. Boxing at a professional level or as an amateur requires a learning of taking a punch, because that is the crux of winning or losing in boxing.

Here is a guide on how you can learn to take a punch:


  • Keep a relaxed mind, and don’t panic in the ring. Prepare yourself mentally for the fight and stay calm when the fight starts. The opponent can exploit you if you panic.


  • Wear protective equipment, like a helmet and mouth guard.


  • Try to avoid as many blows as possible during the fight. That will tire out the opponent and become your strong strategy to attack them then.


  • Clench your fists properly and raise them to your face to block blows. This may be painful, but it will make you lose lesser points.


  • Strengthen your neck muscles in a gym as these muscles are most affected in boxing.


  • Keep a good body balance so that you can withstand the opponent’s punches. This requires strong lower back muscles and tight leg muscles. Stand with your knees bent and firmed feet on the ground.


  • Gain some weight to have the strength of taking punches.


  • Keep the chin tucked in when boxing, as this will reduce the amount of face exposed.


  • Always keep the elbows tight against the body so that the abdomen is protected from punches.


  • If you cant avoid being punched, move the body in the direction of the blow and put forth the spot with the strongest muscles you have. Step back a foot when the blow is approaching to hurt less.