A travel nurse is a nurse hired to work in different locations for specific periods of time. The travel nurse will work for around 13 to 26 weeks in one region and move on to another part of the country then where they are needed for a certain amount of time. The demand of travel nurses is on the rise these days as there is a shortage of nurses in hospitals all over the world. The biggest advantage of a travel nurse is that they are able to choose freely the location of their work in the form of a travel nurse assignment, and they then can take time off after its completion, instead of working on one place. The nurse gets to choose where to live and work all over the world this way, and explore new places in different parts of the country or even the world.


Being a travel nurse allows you to travel and serve in different hospitals around the world, but choosing the right travel nurse assignment is very difficult. Normally, an assignment is 13 weeks by standard, but they can be extended. A travel nurse earns a high wage that provides a comfortable life for them. The costs of travel and living arrangements are a part of the job assignment. Such perks allows the nurse to save money while enjoying the city they work in; but to start their adventure, they must learn how to choose a travel nurse assignment wisely.


If you wish to be a travel nurse, you need to consider a few options before making the right choice on which assignment best fits your needs and wants.


Choose Your Top 5 Destinationstravel nurse assignment

Make a list of the top 5 destinations you wish to work in. Discuss the details with the travel recruitment agency, and then decide the best places for the travel assignment. Look at the cities that offer a good lifestyle, with high safety measures for foreigners. You can also consider the cities you wish to explore while working there.



Hospital Reputation

Research the reputation of the hospital and find out about the environment through the staff working there upon your visit. You can also see forums where the hospital is discussed. You should choose a top-rated facility for your nursing career as it will become your top qualifier in the future.



A travel nurse is paid according to their specialty, and not by their years of experience. Although experience adds to your profile in a hospital, look at the pay package you are offered and if it is worth your value. Bonuses are given to nurses after the completion of their assignment, but there are 30% tax reductions in pay. Decide whether you want a higher pay rate per hour, or a high bonus with a low rate. Ensure the wage covers all your expenses along with letting you save some money for the side.


Health Insurance

Another important factor to consider is the addition of health insurance to your package. It is a must-have benefit which must be provided by the recruiter to every travel nurse.



Consider what housing option will be given to you. Most assignments offer either an apartment, or a housing stipend. There are housing rentals as well offered by known apartment companies. Inclusive of the package will be basic furniture, like a TV, microwave, or refrigerator. The housing options given will allow you to move in within two days before you start working. The benefit of a monthly housing stipend is when you choose a city where you can stay with a friend or relatives, as the money can be used for other purposes.


Clinical Support

Clinical support must be assigned in your package as well in the assignment. This person assigned to you should be at your disposal 24/7. This will allow you a constant support in the new place you live in and work at.





The Recruiter

Choose a friendly and open recruiter. The recruiter should aid you on the first day and guide you when it comes to tasks of reporting, parking, method to reach the hospital, your uniform, and other hospital and patient policies. Request for a written confirmation of your nursing shifts and schedules, along with your time offs. Written confirmations are vital for future references.



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