Rats are timid and cautious pests when they enter homes as they are very difficult to spot. In fact, you may be unaware of a rat living somewhere in your kitchen, backyard, or garage, toll you find some evidence of their existence, such as rat droppings, gnawed wires, scattered garbage, or burrow paths. Garages are prime areas for rats to nestle in as they find various hiding places for shelter in it. In order to get rid of the nasty pests from your garage, follow this simple guide to be rat-free in no time.


Get a Cat

Cats not only will serve as an ideal predator for the rats, but also install fear in them to live in the garage any longer. They will run for safety instead of live in the garage any longer.


Installing a Rat Deterrent

Rat deterrents are electronic devices which use ultrasonic sounds that only rats hear and creates havoc in their heads. These devices keep rat infestations at bay from homes as no rats come near the room it is installed in.


Rat Traps

A large variety of rat traps exist these days, like snap traps, electronic traps, and glue traps. Choose one to catch the pest. Snap trap is the most common trap used by households, where a piece of food is attached to it. Set the trap in the location of the rats hide.



Although we are not in favor of animal killing, poison is a technique used to kill or repel rats in a garage. Do not use this method if you have young kids.


Take Professional Help

There are professional exterminators that can get rid of the infestations and clean up the residue afterwards. It is the best option as they guarantee a lifetime of rat-free garages!