Setting up a table for home guests will make your dinner more formal and give the table an elegant look. With the help of the napkins you place around your expensive cutlery, you can give your dining table a whole new look. By following these instructions, you can make napkin flowers, which are inexpensive and beautiful.

  1. Get the napkins you want on each plate (according to the number of guests). You can choose any color and size, but I recommend a thick fabric material napkin in a large size.


  1. Fold the napkin into a triangle neatly.


  1. Roll the triangle up till it is halfway done.


  1. Carefully, turn the napkin over, while keeping the rolled base towards yourself.


  1. Roll one tail of the napkin now towards the other tail.


  1. Now the napkin will have two flaps. Pull them out, one towards the left, and the other towards the right.


  1. Turn the napkin over to see it be made into a napkin.


Other various shapes can be made out of paper and silk/cotton napkins as shown in the instructions below: