You need a passport to travel internationally, as it is a proof of identity for everyone. It also is needed to reenter your country after a foreign trip for proof of nationality. Passport copies are needed at many hotels, and by tax administrations. You must also carry a copy of your passport while travelling, in case you lose your original.


To obtain a copy of your passport for any reason, here is the way to follow:


  • Go online to search for a passport service with a certification of the U.S. government. Check the security of this website, and whether it implements the Premium Validate Extended SS certification on its checkout form.


  • Keep all your documentation with you as proof of citizenship. The documents you will need will be: birth certificate, previous passport issues, and certificate of citizenship.


  • Get two passport size photographs, which should be identical and recent.


  • Complete two copies of the letter of authorization, provided by the online passport service. These letters will be need to be printed first and then filled with a pen.


  • Set all the required documents with this letter, and make the online payment to the passport service. There will be two options here: next day service, and urgent service. Choose the option according to your need of the passport.


  • Issue a check for the payment to the government fee. The check should be payable to the U.S. Department of State, not the online passport service.


  • Gather the letter and documents, along with the photographs, and place in a parcel. Mail it to the passport company.