Did you ever hear about the benefits of the pumice stone on your skin? Pumice stones are formed with volcanic stones, which are blocks of lightweight and hardened lava foam. It sloughs off dry and dead skin that is tough around the feet, knees, and elbows. It can also remove corns, calluses and the buildup of leathery skin. Through its exfoliation, the skin is softened and refreshed. You can also use a pumice stone to remove hair, remove any spills on fabrics, and for cleaning the toilets too!


A pumice stone should  be used two to three times a week to improve the skin’s appearance and texture. But using it correctly is vital, as an improper use can lead to bleeding and furthermore, infections.


The correct way to use a pumice stone is as follows:


For Exfoliation Purposes

  1. Set a bowl of warm water mixed with soap.


  1. Soak the calloused and dried skin in the warm water (your feet, elbow or knee). Leave it in for at least 5 minutes to soften the dried skin.


  1. When the skin has softened, remove it from the bowl.


  1. Wet the stone now by running it under warm water from the bowl.


  1. Rub it over the calloused skin, gently, in circular motions to slough away the dead skin. The skin will become coming off. Never press the stone too hard, and instead, use a light pressure.


  1. Rinse the area you are working on, and repeat the above steps again.


  1. Dry the skin with a towel, patting gently. Apply a coat of cream or oil to moisturize the skin. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or a good body moisturizer.


For Hair Removal

  1. Soak your skin a bath of warm water until it softens.


  1. Wet the stone, and rub over the skin in circular motions for 30 seconds.


  1. Repeat the steps for continuous removal.


For Removing Pills From Clothes

  1. Lay the piece of clothing on a flat surface.


  1. Rub a dry pumice stone over the pill in a circular motion, without applying pressure.


  1. Continue till the pill removes.



For Toilet Cleaning

  1. To remove the copper rings forming around your toilet, begin working by wearing rubber gloves.


  1. Rub the pumice stone over the ring in a scrubbing motion.


  1. Use with a toilet cleaner for stubborn stains.