The stereotypes of looking thin due to the models on the ramp and magazines has made plus-size and overweight women feel uncomfortable in dressing in this superficial world. Half of American women are now plus-sized, and there are an arsenal of clothing in store departments for the right fit for them. And the credits of having luscious curves can be flaunted with confidence and a few great looks.


Choosing the right color and design can instantly set you apart from a room of skinny girls if you are slightly chubby. So if you have a plus-size physique, there’s no time to shy away, but instead, bring out the inner confidence and look smart with the right wardrobe. Follow these tips to see how you can look thinner:


  • Wear the right sized undergarments. This is mainly important when selecting the bra, as it helps in shaping the entire silhouette. If you wear the wrong bra size, you will look heavier. Buy bras and panties that offer support. Get a proper size measure from a specialty store to avoid back and front lumps from forming.


  • Always buy the right size clothes. If your clothes are a size smaller or bigger, you end up looking bulgier. Get your size measured at the store, and select items available in your size. Try the outfit on before purchasing it. A right fit makes a huge difference!


  • Choose dark color and single toned color garments. A color like black and navy blue is universally known to make you look thin. Choose dark denims and skirt and add color by opting for a bright lipstick or handbag. Single colored dresses looks flattering on a figure.

  • Look for vertical stripes and V-neck tops. The vertical lines and necklines will elongate your torso and make you appear thin. V-necks make a person look less busty, which boat necks and crew necks don’t.

  • Balance the legs with flared pants. Skinny jeans and tight trousers draw attention to the hips and upper legs. By wearing boot-cut or flared pants, the eyes will be pulled down and create a leaner look.


  • Opt for A-line and knee-length skirts or dresses. The fitting from the hip and upper thigh, and flare at the knees will create a balanced look around your legs.


  • Wear a belt around the waist with dresses. This makes the waist look narrower.