We all want to hit the gym; yes –tomorrow! Haven’t we heard that one before? But that tomorrow never turns out to be today. There goes the day, a month and before we know it’s the next year. Yes in this case that tomorrow never comes.

We are going to give you some best tips which you can incorporate to your daily routine through with you can shed all that excess meat off you without exercising and going through any major diet plans.


1. Avoid White Carbs

In your daily intake of food try to avoid white carbs as much as you can. That may include Rice, bread, wheat, pastas, bakery products etc. By avoiding means if you have white bread in your breakfast, you could replace it with brown bread. And if you have pasta or rice for lunch you may want to cut the portion to half and replace it with more proteins, fruit or vegetable salads in order to fill up your stomach.

2. Drink More Water

We all are aware of the fact that 60% of our body is made up of water. The more water we intake the more beneficial it is for our skin and makes us look young. It’s also great for our digestive system and urinary system and helps balances our homeostasis. For weight loss it’s the best because it boosts up our metabolism up to 30 %.

If you take 3-4 glasses of water early in the morning on an empty it makes you lose fat like anything. Also 10-15mins before every meal (lunch and dinner) make it a habit to have at least 2 glasses of water. It not only makes u full on stomach and consume less food but also improves your digestion and kicks up metabolism. But remember don’t have it after you have had your meal because that could adverse the affect. You may want to try 2 cups of green tea a day without sugar right after you have had your meal that could majorly affect your weight loss.

Recommended water intake is on room temperature. Avoid cold water.

You may consume water with some added lemon or honey in the morning. That not only makes the water taste better and also cuts fat twice than the normal process.

Next time you feel hungry when you just ate not long ago, try drinking luke warm with any of the above added ingredient and see your hunger disappear fast.

3. Avoid sugary and processed food

Avoid eating out. Try to have home cooked meals. No Say to fizzy drinks and chocolates and deep fried food. Yes, you don’t know where the bakery is!


Follow these tips for just 1 month and see the difference for yourself, you will be surprised to see the amount of access fat you shed all over especially around your belly area.

Healthy living you all!

Lazy tips for Weight loss without exercise