Repairing the pipes under a mobile home or a PVC trailer is a daunting task for many people, but it can be done with the right gear and guide. Plumbing pipes for a mobile home is no difficult than repairing your home pipes. The only problem of plumbing leaks in mobile homes is locating and accessing the pipe that needs a repair. But with this guide, you can repair the damage in no time and save yourself a lot of money.


  1. Look for the leakages within the mobile home. Water can be spilling from under the sink, from a spot in the bathroom, or anywhere in the kitchen. However, if the leakage can not be found inside, it means the leakage is from the external side. All plumbing points are set under the mobile home.

  1. Carry a torch to look under the home for water spillage. If water is gathering, underneath, locate the location above it. Usually, the insulation pipes are damaged and causing the leak. Locate the exact point of leakage and measure how much pip needs to be replaced.


  1. Turn off the water supply.


  1. With a hacksaw, cut the pipe that is broken. Cut that specific portion only, and you will place a new portion in this area.

  1. Cut the new pipe in the exact measure of the broken piece you took off. With two PVC couplings, fix the ends of the new pipe. Apply PVC cement to fix the couplings to the pipe. Let the cement dry.


  1. Now attach the new piece of pipe, 10 minutes after the cement was applied and let dry. Apply more cement or glue to seal it fully. Let this set and dry.


  1. Turn the water supply back on and check for the water repair.