It is difficult to landscape a steep slope due to water erosion, because every time it will rain, the grass or plant roots on it will be more exposed. If you add rocks to the area, the water flow will break up and the erosion will slow. But the rocks have to be placed in a stable path over the slope to stay put over the hill.


This is how a hillside with rocks is landscaped:


  1. With a shovel, the soil over the hillside has to be dug up so as to check if the soil is deep-rooted. Four sections on the hillside should be dug up that are 15 inches deep. Use rocks to fill it.


  1. Finding rocks may be surprisingly difficult. Buy boulders or rock packs from the internet or garden store. Choose colors that are attractive, and the rocks must have some weight and large shape. A favorite pick for most people is red lava boulders.

  1. Hold a hose over the hillside and begin combining some plants with the rocks. These plants will enhance the beauty of the landscape. Trees and grass is also an option to add with the rocks.


  1. Use the boulders now and place them around to create a natural look. You should make a narrow and shallow drench around the landscape with a shovel and fill it in with soil.


  1. Throw in some pine needles around as a cover for the landscape.