Damaged or loosened strings of a guitar can lead to tuning issues. Guitars with tuning pegs on the side of the headstock are easy to replace. Such strings exist on Fender Starcaster guitars, in which the strings pass through the tremolo bridge at the back of the guitar.


Changing a guitar’s strings is an important guitar maintenance skill, and must be learnt by all guitarists. If you plan on changing your guitar strings, here is a basic guide on the right way to replace or restring  the guitar:


  1. Place the Starcaster on a neat and plain surface.


  1. On the top of the guitar, you will find the tuning pegs. Rotate this anticlockwise to loosen the strings. Pull them outwards to bring them out.


  1. At the back of the guitar, you will find holes, which are called ferrules. Insert the new strings through these holes, passing one at a time.


  1. Pull each string 2 posts from your point of use, and twist the string then at a pointed angle.


  1. Move the twisted string now through the post next to it, and twist it again from the point at the post where it was pulled tight at. The twist should make a “Z” shape, so that it is easier to pass straight into the post. Once it is passed, straighten it.


  1. Once the strings are changed on at a time, tighten them by turning the pegs clockwise, and cut off any spare strings with a sharp scissor.