In the early 2000’s, the London-based fashion house, Burberry, gained immense popularity with their iconic checkered-print splashed over all their clothing line and accessories. Every celebrity and socialite is seen wearing one of this major fashion house’s items. However, due to the immense popularity, the creation of counterfeit products came in the market as imitations. Although these fakes deserve flattery as well, all consumers have a right to know when they are getting a real clothing item or a fake one.


To ensure you are buying real Burberry clothes, you must be very cautious and look at the clothing piece closely to inspect it. Follow these steps next:


  • Check the label of the clothing. If you are making an online purchase, request for images of the label and tags. The text on the label will match the text on the tag if it is real. Also, the label will clearly say “Made in London” o “Made in Italy”, and not any other country.


  • Check the font of the label and logo. The R’s for Burberry will have pointed ridges and then have a curl trailed outwards if it is an authentic. If there is no ridge on the R, it is a fake. Also, “Burberry” will be written in capitalized and cold letters, like BURBERRY. There will also be a small symbol showing a knight on a horse on the label or logo, called an “Equestrian Knight”, and the knight will be facing the left.


  • Check the buttons with a magnifying glass. An authentic will have “BURBERRY” clearly and boldly written, with their symbolic curved Rs.


  • Inspect the material of the clothing item, as an original will be made of the finest fabric that feels expensive and worth the money it costs. If it is a Burberry coat, the lining will be smooth and have a clean stitching. The Burberry signature “nova plaid” pattern will be splashed inside.


  • Inspect the nova plaid pattern on the clothing. The colors of the famous print are navy blue, red, and black over a cream background. The stripes are evenly vertical and horizontal lines. A replica will have unequal lines in dull colors.


  • Check the pricing of the clothing. All Burberry products, even on sale, will cost easily in the upper hundreds of dollars. Anything very low-priced is definitely a fake.