The luxury fashion house, Burberry, has been a worldwide famous brand due to it’s first-class and expensive products. Their trademark checked print is symbolic and all of their clothing items and accessories are splashed with it. One of their famous products is their checkered shirt, which are now being copied by fake retailers. To ensure you are getting the real thing, this is a simple way to check:

Price Tag

Check the price tag of the shirt. A normal Burberry shirt is priced for over $115-$295. Any fake would be below this.



Examine the pattern of the shirt thoroughly. The lines have to be perfectly horizontal from one another.



The prices of these shirts for real ones are high because of their best tailoring. If the shirt you see has uneven stitching or bad quality buttons, it’s a fake.



Check the material of the shirt. An original would feel soft and expensive.



Inspect the buttons and logo of the shirt with a magnifying glass. The real shirt will have “BURBERRY” clearly and boldly written, with their symbolic curved Rs.



Look at the label on the shirt to see if it says “Made in London”.