Leaving a good impression at the end of quitting work really counts. Sending out a well-written farewell email to your fellow employees is vital to show your personality. You have to inform it is your last day, and thank all the colleagues and supervisor for their support throughout your time spent with them. In the end, share your contact details to keep in touch with them.

Here is a sample of a last day at office email:



Subject: Thank-you and Goodbye!


Dear all,


I write today with a heavy heart to you all to inform I will be leaving the office to join another company. Friday, the 20th of October, will be my last day at work. It has been a beautiful 7 years with you all, and I leave with cherished memories of a lifetime. I have learned so much from this company and with each one of you.


I would like to thank each one of you for the support, love, and memories. It hase been a great experience working with our strong supervisor, Mr. Henry Donwel, and his encouragement to grow in the last few years has been impenetrable.


Please do keep in touch with me. My email address will stay the same and my number is 789-263-8645.




Mathew Gellar