Has a recent bump formed on your skin? There’s no problem with a skin eruption as you can try to fix it with a few basic remedies or good beauty products! But wait, you need to know what exactly that bump is… Is it a blackhead? Or is it a pimple? In order to find out what it is, you must know the difference between these two common skin problems.


Pimples and blackheads are different forms of acne that can appear on the face, back, chest, or the shoulders. Treatment of these skin problems are usually tedious and need serious dedication. But if you keep the skin and body healthy, you will find strong and positive results in no time. Stay with a good diet and use good topical creams to combat these skin problems.

Difference Between Blackhead and Pimple


Both pimples and blackheads are different types of acne blemishes, but appear differently on the skin, and are treated in different ways as well. So let’s learn about the difference between a blackhead and a pimple first to understand how to combat the problem you may be in:




A blackhead is a clogged pore that contains sebum along with dead skin cells in it. These are embedded in the pore like black pockets or dots over the skin. They usually appear during the teenage years, when the hormonal imbalances over stimulates the sebaceous glands. The content gathered in the pore oxidizes with the air and turns black, and look like a freckle. They are non-inflamed skin blemishes. Blackheads do not affect the surrounding skin, and are considered as the first stage of acne. When compared to pimples, blackheads are flat, and are not infections so they are not red or swollen at all. You will only realize you have them when you look closely at your skin in the mirror. They appear most in oily parts of the skin, like the nose and chin. Blackheads need to be treated therefore, so that the clogged pore does not thrive and develop into a pimple. Blackheads can be removed with exfoliation and scrubs.



A pimple is an infected and clogged follicle that appears as red and swollen bumps on the skin. They are a combination of dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria. They appear anywhere on the skin, but are more dense around the areas with higher concentrations of oil glands, like the face, back and chest. They can be big or small, and are rarely painful. Oil secreted from these glands makes the dead skin cells rise to the surface of the skin and clog the pores, where the bacteria grows and causes an infection. This creates the redness and swelling. The pimple can have a red head, or a white or yellow pus. The ones with the yellow or white pus are often called whiteheads. They are mainly a type of an inflamed blemish. Proper care and treatment is needed as it may lead to an infection spread on the skin surface. Regular skin cleansing is important for curing pimples.


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