Pillow Pets are plush animals, or stuffed animals, that have been a source of joy and comfort for children of all ages. These stuffed animals are soft and provide a playmate and pillow for the child. They are made from high quality and the softest chenille. They make an ideal snuggle pal for your little ones, especially during nap times.



But with sometime, these can get dirty and must be cleaned for the hygiene of your child. The correct way to clean the Pillow Pet is instructed below:


  1. Vacuum the Pillow pet to keep it clean longer.


  1. If the pet is clean and you feel the need for a dry wash, Simply put the pet in a plastic bag and add 1-3 cups of baking soda to it. Shake the bag and leave it overnight. Remove it from the bag the next day and brush off the powder.


  1. To wash it, place the Pillow Pet in a white pillow case, and tie the top end. This will protect the Pillow Pet from being beaten up in the washing machine, and it increases the life of the stuffed animal.


  1. Set the machine on a gentle cycle and make sure cold water is being filled in it.


  1. Let the machine wash the pet. Add other white or light colored clothing or towels to balance the wash load. Use regular detergent, or you can add just 2 cups of vinegar and a cup of baking soda in the machine to wash the pet.


  1. Place the Pillow Pet in the sun for drying, and do not put it in a dryer. Air dry the Pillow Pet.


  1. If the Pillow Pet is an electronic animal, you should use a sponge that is damp with soapy water to clean it. Dry it immediately with a dry towel and then place it in front of a ventilated spot.