In most deals and circumstances, a third party is involved for a biased and fair opinion. Two parties agree on having a mutual party to authorize a decision for a just opinion. To authorize a third party, a letter is written in approval of their consent on setting a third party to view their deal.


Official and entrepreneurial environments require the permission to work on indirect relations is needed, and this is where the third party authorization letter is drawn. The higher authority will authorize this letter for mostly legal matters or business deals.

The main factors to look at in a third party authorization letter are:


  • Writing the correct address of the company or individual who is being given the authority.
  • A formal tone as it is a professional level letter.
  • Make clear and on point statements. It is brief and not supposed to be lengthy or repetitive, and should have a strong stance on what you are asking for.
  • Highlight the duties to who it is being authorized to.




Below is a sample of a third party authorization letter:



Mr. Howard Stanley

Chief Executive Officer – Star Gloria Enterprise,

9763 Lane Avenue

Bourneville, OH 08965


31 December, 2013


Subject: Third Party Authorization Letter


Dear Mr. Stanley,


I, Jake Dylan, General Manager of the Hermitt Group Association, am writing this letter to inform you regarding the involvement of the Duran Group of Industries as a third party to our deal next month on shared partnership under the legal terms and conditions, this is the designated company that will handle our concerned matters jointly.


You are requested to perform the necessary paper work to authorize thr Duran Group of Industries on your behalf as well and appoint them as the third party. On the behalf of my company, I request to cover all the details as soon as possible to complete the procedure.


In case of queries, please contact me anytime.




Mr. Jake Dylan

General Manager of the Hermitt Group Association

5987 Onway Street

Wenstminister, England