A timeshare is a jointly owned property by various people. The purpose of this timeshare is for vacations or investment reasons. Both owners have a mutual understanding on the usage of the property, keeping an equal opportunity for everyone to use it. For any reason, if one of the partner wants to pull back their share in the property and sell it to a third party, it is simple to sell it without the help of anyone else.


To sell a timeshare on your own, you will have to carry out the following steps:


  • Take pictures of the property from all angles inside and outside. Focus on the beautiful features of the house and include small details in the pictures.

  • Set a price for the house. Do not go overboard on pricing; check with the market and set your price according to the amount you sold it for along with the value of the property at present. Remember that low prices lure in investors and customers.


  • Choose a platform to advertise your timeshare. You can publish an advertisement in the newspaper, place an ad on Craigslist online, use Ebay, or send out fliers around the city.


  • Keep the address of your home clear on the advertisement for buyers to easily find it. You can draw a sketch of the location in your advertisement.


  • Choose your buyer wisely, and arrange them to meet your partner in the timeshare to build their understanding on the property.