Russian tourist visa from Paris.


Paris is the most visited country in the world, as its rich culture, food, wine, romantic environment, and epic scenery makes it a wonderful place to tour at least once in a lifetime. People from all over the world are found roaming its streets and enjoying the city throughout the year, either for entertainment or sharing a relaxing and romantic time with their loved ones. But the locals of Paris usually need to head out of this city of romance to get a few days away from their culture and society and gain an insight on the other cultures of the world. A very famous destination they choose to visit is Russia.


Being the largest economy of the world, Russia offers its tourist a variety of attractions and sites to visit. The diverse and rich cultural heritage along with the natural scenic beauty of the country makes it a standout choice for tourists from Paris to visit. To get a tourist visit visa for Russia from Paris, one has to follow the steps in the guide given below proeperly:

Russian Tourist Visa


Basic Requirements

These documents must be submitted to the Russian Embassy (or Consulate) when getting a tourist visa from Paris:

  • Original passport with at least two pages free for visa stamps and stickers. The passport must be valid six-months prior to expiry.


  • Photocopies of two fully signed and completed visa application forms.


  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant.


  • Provide a copy of the hotel confirmation from an authorized Russian travel agency. This should be verified with specification of visa and reference number.


  • If the applicant is touring in a group, they must provide a letter of the tour or cruise they will travel with and the company must verify their itinerary. The Russian travel company must provide verification with confirmation of the visa and reference number.


  • The Russian law states a tourist must register their visa for Russia in at least 7 working days after arriving into the Russian Federation. If they stay at a hotel, their hotel will manage it under a nominal fee. But for private stay, the host must register the visa at a post office or local police station along with filling a notification form. The photocopy of the passport must be attached and the migration card in it. (Click here for notification form).



Visa Application Form

The Russian visit application form can be obtained from their website (or, click here). For inquiries, the address of the Russian Embassy in Paris is under the following address:

Ambassade de Russie

40-50 Boulevard Lannes, 75116, Paris, France.

+33 1 45 04 05 50

(Website link: )


The tourist visa fee charged for single or double entries of 14 to 30 days is $30, which should be paid online or at the embassy upon submission of the form. If all requirements have been filled properly, the visa will be processed and granted in 14 to 30 working days. However, if you do not hear about the visa for a longer number of days, you must contact the embassy immediately for inquiry.


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