There’s something romantic about a bride wearing flowers in her hair on her big day. Flowers don’t need to be worn on boho brides, but instead, be accessorized to beautify their hairdo on their wedding. All kinds of brides can mix a stylish hairstyle and a floral accessory to look their best on their wedding day.

To not just hold a bouquet of flowers in your hands is simply not enough so add a few in your hair as well. There is no technique needed to add flowers in any hairstyle, as you simply have to pin it up anywhere around the hairdo. Here are some ideas you can choose from for your dream wedding hair:


  • Choose an elegant hairdo to add the flowers to. It can be an updo like a bun, a braid, or loose curls falling over your shoulder. With a bun, use a cluster of small flowers to pin in the back or the front. You can also add a large flower on the side of a bun. If you are letting your hair remain open, floral crowns will make you look like a princess. You can dot flowers all along the way with a braid.

  • Spray hairspray on the hairstyle you have chose before setting the flowers, as hairsprays ruin the beauty and freshness of flowers.


  • Choose the type of flowers you want. These could be either roses, ribbons, daisies, a tulip – anything that matches the dress and theme of your wedding. Flowers can be used fresh, or fabric flowers can be used too.


  • Avoid wearing a veil with flowers in the back. You can add one to the side of the bun with a veil, or wear a veil during the ceremony, and choose a floral tiara for the after-party.