There are times when you simply can’t find the car remote. Either due to your kids, work, or a mismanaged home, they end up getting lost at the very minute you need them most – when the alarm sets off! That alarm is a killer. It not only wakes up the neighbors, it will make the entire streets dogs start barking and kids start crying. The good news is: there is a way to shut the horrid noise out even without the remote. The solution to your problem lies in the key.


What many don’t know is that an alarm system means the car has a security system that is designed to match a chipped key code with your cars’ whenever you will turn its ignition or even when you put it in your door. The way to shut off the car alarm without the remote is very simple:


  1. Place the key into the door of the driver’s side.


  1. Unlock the door. Usually, the alarms turn off when the door is unlocked.


  1. If it hasn’t, open the door and start the ignition with the key. When you turn the car on, the alarm will be silenced.